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Chef Kourtney Coleman.

An aspiring Detroit chef claims his food brings “Krazy Kravings” people can’t ignore.

After launching a soul food truck last year, Chef Kourtney Coleman — aka “Celebrity Chef KC” — opened his brick-and-mortar Krazy Kravings restaurant earlier this year.

“What makes my food Krazy is that the taste is just right, not too much, not too little,” Coleman says. “Once you bite into my food, it’s a party in your mouth. My food is a pleasure for your taste buds.”

Located on Seven Mile Road, between Lasher and Evergreen Roads on the west side of Detroit, the Krazy Kravings restaurant has quickly established itself as a neighborhood spot for a hearty soul food meal.

The pick-up-only menu features shrimp, chicken wings, loaded baked potatoes, corn, and more. Prices range from $20-30 per meal.

Coleman, who has worked in the restaurant industry for the past five years, says he has a beloved item on the menu that he enjoys making for his customers.

“My favorite food on the menu is probably our delicious Krazy Burger,” he says. “It’s the perfect mix of veggies and burger patties, not to mention my secret sauce. I feel like every time I make a burger, it gets better and better.”

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Krazy Kravings’ menu focuses on soul food.

He says he also loves the loaded potatoes. “My customers ask for the craziest toppings for that potato,” he laughs.

All the food at Krazy Kravings, including herbs and spices, is fresh, Coleman says, and the meats are made to order.

“We usually have a long line, but that’s because I want to make sure everything is fresh, so while you’re waiting for your food, we’re in the kitchen making it fresh for our customers,” he explains.

Coleman recalls growing up watching his mother and aunts cook on several occasions. When he is in the kitchen with his family, he is always in a peaceful frame of mind, he says.

“I like cooking because it’s relaxing,” he says. “I originally started out playing in the kitchen, just messing around, and I kept coming back because I like the routine of the kitchen and that nothing is off limits when you’re making food.”

“Chef KC” started his entrepreneurial journey with his father, who owned a local nightclub in Detroit. KC would help run the club and watch the chefs cook in the kitchen, which later inspired him to get out and join the restaurant industry.

“My background is based on entrepreneurship with my father – all I know is hard work and building,” Coleman says. “It is normal for me to turn my hobby into a bustle or servitude. I love food. You need food to live.”

click to enlarge The Krazy Kravings takeaway is located on Seven Mile Road, between Lasher and Evergreen Roads on the west side of Detroit.  - se7enfifteen


The Krazy Kravings takeaway is located on Seven Mile Road, between Lasher and Evergreen Roads on the west side of Detroit.

Coleman says he learned a lot about running a business from the food truck. “It taught me how to deal with a large crowd and helped me figure out what people like to eat,” he says. “You also literally have to keep your ear to the street when you’re in the food truck to know what foods to keep on your menu and what new foods are the catch for the time.”

But the physical takeout is easier for him to handle for large crowds, he adds.

“The customer is always cared for and honored,” he says. “I want to give people love and pleasure from within.”

Coleman has also taken care of celebrities when they visit Detroit, including former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, former pro basketball player Lamar Odom and rappers Trina and Blueface.

Coleman says he hopes to take his Krazy Kravings restaurant outside of Detroit one day.

“My goal is for Krazy Kravings to become an international brand known and known for its savory taste, unparalleled customer service and making people feel good from the inside out,” he says.

Krazy Kravings is located at 20826 W. Seven Mile Rd., Detroit. More information is available on Instagram at @krazy_kravings_617.

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