Co-op gamers should be excited about the July 2022 Xbox Game Pass games

The new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 have yet to be fully revealed, but there is already reason for co-op gamers to get excited.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed everything new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 at the time of writing, but previous announcements have informed fans about some of the new games coming this month. Based on what Xbox Game Pass subscribers know so far about the new games for July 2022, it looks like this month should be a solid month for those in need of a new co-op game to play.

The new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 have started with the addition of Ubisoft’s Far cry 5Far cry 5 is primarily a single player experience, but it still has co-op and multiplayer options. The game’s availability on Xbox Game Pass should make it even easier for Xbox gamers to check out Far cry 5‘s co-op offering, as all Game Pass subscribers can get in without paying anything beyond what they already pay for their subscription.


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On July 14, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to play another new co-op game in the form of Escape AcademyEscape Academy was originally slated to launch in June as a day one Xbox Game Pass game, but it was delayed at the last minute and is now aiming for a July 14 release. Escape Academy is a puzzle game where players have to complete escape rooms. Better yet, Escape Academy offers split-screen co-op for both local and online gamers.

On July 19, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will have another co-op game to look forward to, because then When dusk falls will be launched as a day one game. When dusk falls is a story-driven game with a unique art style that has been compared to the work of Supermassive Games. When dusk falls has a co-op mode for up to eight players, so co-op gamers who like deep stories in their games should have a good time.

There may be even more co-op games coming to Xbox Game Pass in July 2022 that just haven’t been announced yet, but that remains to be seen. Microsoft will likely be announcing all new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 soon in the first half of the month, so fans should keep an eye out for more on that front.

The new Xbox Game Pass games for July 2022 should be an exciting time for co-op gamers, but it’s not all good news. There are also some games leaving Xbox Game Pass in July 2022, including co-op game Children of Mortaso anyone who has yet to play it should make sure to do so while they still can.

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