‘Chaotic new low’: UK opposition calls for quick elections after Liz Truss resigns

A poll ahead of Truss’ resignation showed Conservatives trailing Labor in ratings by around 36 percent. YouGov surveys on how to deal with security, unemployment, Brexit and especially the economy showed a sharp drop in Conservative Party confidence over the past month.


The British monarch has the power to dissolve parliament and dismiss the government. However, the monarch usually stays out of politics and interventions are rare.

Parliament is usually dissolved at the request of the Prime Minister, usually at the end of each term.

However, if the situation deteriorates drastically, for example if the Conservatives fail to secure budgets and lead the British pound to a free fall, King Charles would have the power to intervene, analyst Luke Mansillo told Asia First of CN.

“Elections could actually be started, not from the House of Commons, but from the palace,” said Mr Mansillo from the University of Sydney’s Department of Government and International Relations.

“If the economy goes into free fall because of government acts, that’s one of the things the king can intervene in parliament – to call general elections for the people to solve it,” he added.

It’s also possible that the king would invite a person of his choice to form a government, someone who could win a confidence vote, according to the BBC.


Members of the Conservative Party will elect a new party leader to its ranks next week, who will also become Britain’s next prime minister.

To run for leadership, each candidate needs the support of at least 100 lawmakers. The party currently has 357 MPs in the House of Commons.

While experts said factions within the party will make finding a candidate for unity difficult, several clear frontrunners have emerged.

“For now, it looks like it will be a direct vote between Rishi Sunak and Penny Mordaunt,” analyst Fabrizio Farina told CNA938 on Friday morning.

Sunak is a former finance minister who lost to Truss last month in the race for Conservative leadership, while Mordaunt is a former defense and trade minister.

“Of the two, Sunak has the best chance of winning. He has good support from the Conservative Party, has good economic credibility and provides much-needed stability in the markets,” said Farina, a European analyst at risk intelligence firm Verisk Maplecroft.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson is also expected to make a comeback.

While he has strong support from right-wing groups within the party, Mr Farina said it will be difficult for Mr Johnson to rally enough support as his image has been significantly tarnished by corruption allegations.

Britain’s new prime minister will face the immediate tasks of calming market nerves and managing the cost of living.

The new Conservative leader would like to regain some confidence in the party before facing the next general election, which will take place in January 2025, analysts said.

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