Amazon Care adds mental health care

Amazon plans to add behavioral health services to its Amazon Care offering, as well as partner with Ginger, a digital mental health company. The service has not yet been launched according to reports by Insider. But a live website provides some details: Amazon Care’s primary care providers can help with “a range of common behavioral … Read more

The miracle plant that has baffled doctors. It improves memory, extends life, fights aging, promotes hair growth and other benefits you might not expect.!! (get to know her)

Ways to stay healthy and live longer usually involve a number of nutrients, tea being perhaps the most important. For their part, experts pointed out that the powdered drink of blue pea flour (butterfly pea), known as blue tea, is the newest and greatest ingredient in the world of beverages. That can replace … Read more

Why do men get cancer more often than women? A recent study has the answer! | health | Essential information for better health | DW

The National Cancer Institute in America concluded in a recent study that men are more likely to develop most cancers than women. In the study published by the famous “Cancer Journal,” researchers analyzed the causes of cancer in 17,951 men and 8,742 women diagnosed with one of the cancer types during a comprehensive health survey … Read more

What to eat and avoid for better health during the rainy season

The monsoons are here, bringing refreshing rains and much-needed relief from the sweltering summer. But this season also brings a spectrum of health problems. From seasonal colds, flu, typhoid, mosquito borne diseases such as malaria, dengue and stomach infections are very common in monsoon. In addition, monsoon-related illnesses in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, which … Read more

As with the flu, “updated” vaccines against corona will be launched soon

Germany’s health minister said on Friday that regulatory authorities in the European Union could allow the use of effective vaccines against two different types of coronavirus. German Health Minister Karl Lauterbach said he expected the European Medicines Agency to meet on September 1 to consider a vaccine that would protect against the original virus and … Read more