The tongue and the brain. This is what happens to your body when you eat meaty sweets

2:32 pm Saturday, November 26, 2022 I wrote – Shaima Morsi Many people prefer to eat organ meat because it is very rich in certain vitamins and nutrients, but is eating it really good for you? What is organ meat? There are several types of organ meats, including: Liver, heart, kidneys, candy, brain, tongue and … Read more

Meaning, purpose, theme and here’s why you should get vaccinated

Vaccination is a global success story in health and development, saving millions of lives every year. Vaccines work remarkably by reducing the risk of contracting the disease by activating the body’s natural defenses to build up protection. When you get a vaccination, your immune system responds. Vaccination is an essential part of primary health care … Read more

The fourth record number of new Corona infections registered in China

Today, Sunday, the National Health Commission said China recorded a record high in Corona infections yesterday, Saturday, amounting to 39,791 new cases of the Corona virus, of which 3,709 were symptomatic and 36,082 asymptomatic. The Chinese city of Shenzhen said it will limit the occupancy rate of restaurants and other indoor spaces to 50% as … Read more

Canker sores: what we know

A canker sore — a painful white sore in the mouth — can be caused by stress. Or the wrong toothpaste. Or certain foods: tomatoes, peanuts, cinnamon. Or an iron deficiency. Or an allergy. Or a new recipe. Or an underlying autoimmune disease. Although millions of people suffer from them every year, researchers still don’t … Read more

Their artificial insemination journey didn’t bear fruit. How did these women deal with their experience?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — When American actress Jennifer Aniston raised the issue of her struggles with IVF treatments while trying to start a family, she gave a voice to those going through a difficult journey with infertility who didn’t end with biological children. IVF, or IVF, is an assisted reproduction method in which … Read more

How to give better gifts – based on science

l like to think I’m an excellent gift-giver, but I’ve occasionally detoured into questionable territory. I once wrapped a 25-inch cardboard cutout of my smiling face. The recipient – a family member who wishes they saw more of me – loved it (despite everyone else’s odd looks). My other greatest hits were less controversial: Jeni’s … Read more

The death of a child from the “Shigella” bacteria in Tunisia, and 96 injuries, some of them in critical condition

Tunisia this week recorded the death of a child stricken with the “Shigella” bacteria, and the admission of six other children to intensive care units due to complications from infection with the germ, sparking a state of panic among families and fear of sending their children to schools and incubators, according to Sky News. … Read more

3 ways "normal" to fight "Fatigue and tiredness" – Sky News Arabia, Sky News Arabia

3 “natural” ways to combat “fatigue and tiredness”.Sky News Arabia Sky News Arabia When the darkness of winter falls.. 3 proven recipes that drive away listlessness and fatigueFormerly newspaper See full coverage of the news on Google News