Canberra man who supervised ex-partner pleads guilty to choking, pushing and causing injuries

A Canberra man who watched his former partner inside and outside their home and even checked her phone has pleaded guilty to a series of violent attacks on her.

Jamie Millard, 41, has admitted in ACT Magistrates Court that he choked his former partner Bree Myers in February and April 2018 and further assaulted her in March 2019.

The court heard that the coercion and control Millard exercised during the three-year relationship consisted of tapping Ms. Myers’ cell phone, checking when she could leave the house, and telling her what clothes and makeup she could wear.

It also included surveillance cameras inside and outside the house.

Millard had sometimes told Ms. Myers to change her phone number to prevent people from contacting her.

Court documents revealed on one occasion that Ms Myers had to persuade Millard to take her to hospital because of the pain she suffered after being asphyxiated.

The court heard that while there, Millard had had Ms. Myers tell staff that she had placed a five-pound weight on her neck at the gym.

Ms Myers told the court that Millard was often under the influence of drugs and would be in such a psychosis that it was impossible to reason with him.

When asked how one of the attacks went, she said:

“You have to understand that when you’re in these situations, you’re fighting for your life.”

Millard accused ex of sleeping with someone else, court hears

Ms Myers said Millard often accused her of being in a relationship with someone else, and that she was forced to suspend her gym membership and join an all-female gym.

Before the third attack in March 2019, court documents revealed Millard had returned home at midnight and said he had heard that Ms Myers was having sex with someone else in the house.

Court documents stated that he ran through the house looking for someone he thought was there, but only Mrs. Myers and her children were there.

When she tried to calm him down, he pushed her against the pantry door in the kitchen, with such force that she stuck a tooth through her lip and developed a backache.

She was also holding her child at that time.

Ms Myers contacted a friend to call the police, but when they arrived she refused to give a statement, fearing Millard.

She eventually made a statement after fleeing the ACT.

Millard pleaded guilty to the four charges on the final day of a hearing in the case.

He will be sentenced in September.

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