Awards Gossip Says Reese Witherspoon’s Emmy Nomination Would Have Ended Friendship With Jennifer Aniston

Is Reese Witherspoon frustrated with Jennifer Aniston? A report says the Emmy Awards have brought this friendship to the brink of collapse. Let’s take a look at any animosity between morning show stars to learn if there’s anything about this.

‘Jen & Reese: Emmy’s Feud!’

The 2022 Emmy Awards saw it fit to nominate Witherspoon for her work on the morning show, but Aniston was snubbed. According to StarAniston’s stupidity had broken an already damaged friendship. “Jen’s camouflage privately informs people that she was not trying to get a nomination this year and is happy for Reese,” said a source, “but she is privately smoking and very embarrassed.”

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Since Witherspoon and Aniston started working on morning showTheir friendship supposedly barely survived. The friends co-stars apparently hardly interact on set anymore. The insider said: “It’s telling that Jen’s friends say Zendaya is a slot to win. It smells like sour grapes.

How does Jennifer Aniston hold up?

In March, Jennifer Aniston posted a lovely birthday message for Reese Witherspoon. With photos of their decades together, Aniston writes, “I LOVE YOU, you sweet ray of sunshine. Let the love flow in!”

Do these sound like the words of an enemy? We also know that Aniston and Witherspoon will return for a third season of The morning show. Why sign up for season two or three if you hate your opponent? Nothing about this story is right. Besides, why would this tabloid point vaguely at Aniston’s friends without mentioning them? Who will draw for Zendaya? It stays vague because real friends would never talk Star.

Buried in the article is the telling sentence “Jen’s rep denies” Starhis story.” That’s right: Someone with direct access to Aniston says this story is fake, but the tabloid thought it knew better.

It’s true that Aniston was rejected at the Emmys this year. It is also true that she has already won for friends and has seven other nominations. She also has a Golden Globe and is one of the most successful actresses of her generation. She’ll be fine. Witherspoon also has an Emmy and an Academy Award to boot. Neither one really needs a price right now.

A tired story

Star constantly focuses on Aniston. It is still claimed that she is in a relationship with Brad Pitt, which is absurd. We also destroyed Aniston’s story because she took the pressure of… The morning show. She handles it perfectly on her way into the third season.

We’ve seen too many stories to count that use the morning show in stories about the beef between Witherspoon and Aniston. Two close friends team up for an award-winning and certainly seem to be having a ball. This whole rumor is fake.

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