EU leaders discuss unified energy response

October 7, 2022 6:09 PM European Union leaders will try to overcome divisions in the Czech capital Prague on Friday and unite reactions over how to deal with high energy prices.Most EU countries are demanding that Brussels propose a cap on gas prices, but the details are the focus of the dispute as some capitals … Read more

House prices will fall by no less than 22.3 percent in 2023: NAB

House prices will fall even further next year, with an overall drop of 23 percent in some states between 2022 and 2023, according to the National Australia Bank. Across Australia, most capital cities, except Sydney, will take a brutal blow to house prices in 2023 after they surge during the pandemic, the bank predicts. Surprisingly, … Read more

Pre-voting starts this weekend

With municipal elections scheduled for later this month, the first early voting day has been set for Saturday. The first of three early voting opportunities is Saturday between 10am and 6pm at the Civic Center. The remaining pre-voting days are scheduled for October 12 (10am to 8pm) and October 16 (10am to 6pm), also at … Read more

A hiker’s accident in North Vancouver highlights the limitation of BC’s rescue rules – BC

A hiker’s overnight rescue on Crown Mountain in North Vancouver draws attention to a restriction that currently exists in British Columbia’s rescue regulations. dr. Jason Clement was climbing the mountain last week and was about three-quarters of the way up when he dislocated his shoulder and got stuck in a crevice. “I probably didn’t do … Read more

State Govt Marks Closer Control On Rideshare Companies

After approving a fare increase for taxi drivers, Transport Minister Tom Koutsantonis says he wants to improve passenger safety and identification of vehicles and drivers at rideshare companies. Transport Minister Tom Koutsantonis has indicated that a transportation review will cover rideshare services. Image: Included Koutsantonis signaled possible changes to current legislation after authorizing taxis to … Read more