An Iraqi artist paints with his finger | Sky News Arabia

Passers-by gathered around this artist not because he painted on the street, but because he abolished the brush and replaced it with his finger to write portraits.

A joke led a friend of Iraqi artist Ghassan Muhammad to discover a new drawing method. Two years ago he painted a portrait of a friend of his. Then he realized that finger painting gave his work a depth that he lacks when using a brush.

The artist Ghassan said that he has loved drawing since he was a child, and that he found in the method of finger painting a distinction that he often sought, as he said: “This technique gives me a greater spiritual relationship that brings me together with the painting I’m going to draw.”

Hisham added: “Each part of my finger gives me a different effect in my paintings. The tip of the finger has been used for sharp places like eyelashes and eyebrows, and even layers of color are combined on my finger. I use them in certain places in the drawing to give it a certain aesthetic dimension.”

The success Ghassan had in adopting the technique of finger painting led him to change his profession. After working as an engineer in the public sector, he decided to pursue a hobby of art which he had been involved in since childhood. loved.

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