Alex Fevola Condemns Mia Fevola Dating Life Rumors Who’s Her Boyfriend

Brendan Fevola’s wife has voiced “derogatory” rumors about her daughter, who has been mocked by internet trolls for her dating history.

Alex Fevola has voiced “derogatory” rumors about her daughter Mia, who has been branded by internet trolls as a serial dater of football players.

The 22-year-old, the stepdaughter of AFL great Brendan Fevola, was recently linked with Sorrento businessman Daniel Grant, who is said to play local football for the Sorrento Sharks.

Mia and Grant were photographed together in a restaurant in Bali, which led to rumors that the couple was dating.

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But Alex has defiantly brushed aside the speculation and expressed her frustration at how people refer to Mia’s personal life.

“It’s the insinuation. He’s a friend and he’s not a footballer,” she said The Herald Sun. “It’s so derogatory the terminology used and the inference to it.

“Why is there the will to paint it that way and belittle someone?”

Mia is a popular makeup artist who works at Runway Room in Sorrento, with over 150,000 Instagram followers and a clothing company called Mallt Collective.

She was previously in a relationship with Western Bulldogs’ Jamarra Ugle-Hagan, but the couple broke up after last year’s AFL Grand Final in Perth.

Before that, Mia had brief relationships with Richmond halfback Daniel Rioli and St Kilda forward Josh Battle.

Last year, Brendan Fevola delivered a passionate defense of Mia after she went out on Instagram with her new boyfriend Ugle-Hagan.

The social media post was quickly bombarded by trolls, who made hurtful comments about Mia and her dating history.

“I just read an article on that Mia Fevola was embarrassed after going public with her new boyfriends,” Brendan said. Fifi, Fev & Nick at 101.9 The Fox Melbourne in March.

“As a father, it hurts a bit to read that.

“Blokes can do whatever they want. They can go out with girls and no one is judging them. It’s a boy thing. But once a girl does it…

“Mia has been with a few football players. That’s fine. People date with traditions. That is their profession.

“She was with Josh (Battle) for a while. Dated Daniel (Rioli). He was part of the family (but) they moved on, they haven’t been together for almost two years. He moved on with another girl, which is great for Daniel. He’s a great boy.

“Now she’s met that other boy, Jamarra. Great kid. Young boy. And they started dating before he even started playing football. He wasn’t drafted at all.

“Online yesterday, all the trolls coming out to poke people, and the keyboard warriors slutting my daughter, it’s just not on.

“She posted a photo of Jamarra and herself yesterday for the first time and was absolutely hammered (with abuse).

“She called, she was upset, and we were like, ‘Don’t put up a picture,’ but why wouldn’t she? That’s her boyfriend, they’ve been together for almost eight months or something, they’ve been together for a long time and were really classy and quiet about it. They have not been made public, they have not published it anywhere.

“As soon as she goes out and does something like that and posts a picture, you get idiots behind a keyboard – mostly men – hammering on her.

“As a father, that hurts. It hurts me that they think that of Mia. She can go out with whoever she wants, she can go out with whoever she wants, whenever she wants.

“He’s a great guy, she’s a great girl, she’s smart, she owns her own business, she’s studying, she’s got a degree… she can do whatever she wants.

“It just pisses me off that people can write that and say mean things online about any girl, not just Mia.”

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