Adelaide Oval to serve alcohol in cans under new liquor license to reduce litter

Adelaide Oval customers will soon be getting canned alcohol after the facility’s new liquor license is approved.

The Stadium Management Authority (SMA) had filed an application to sell drinks in aluminum cans in order to reduce the amount of litter it has to handle.

The Consumer and Business Services Commissioner yesterday approved the license, reintroducing the serving of canned drinks to customers in public areas instead of pouring them into plastic cups.

“This is just an extension of what we are already doing in our business areas,” SMA Chief Operating Officer Adam Vonthethoff told ABC Radio Adelaide.

While the cups used at Adelaide Oval are recyclable, Mr Vonthethoff said it would be more environmentally friendly to use fewer cups.

He said he was unaware that safety is an issue at interstate sports venues or at the Beer and BBQ Festival at Wayville Showgrounds earlier this month.

The South Australian Police Association expressed concern that cans would be used as projectiles against police.

A big stadium with windows to the outside
Adelaide Oval management argues that serving drinks in cans reduces waste.(ABC news)

Mr Vonthethoff said SA police had supported the request and noted “the proposed penalties for any person who failed to act in a safe manner”.

SA Union Secretary Dale Beasley said Adelaide Oval workers were not consulted about the change.

“There is currently no evidence that a health and safety assessment was carried out before the Adelaide Oval wanted to change their liquor license to allow for the sale of canned beer,” he said.

SA Best MLC Frank Pangallo said he would start drafting legislation to ban the serving of drinks in cans and wants to call the SMA before the Budget and Finance Committee.

Canned drinks would be served during SANFL finals in late August.

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