A “human epic” in the League.. the intuition of the Kadesh guard and the sympathy of the healer

The players left the field towards the end due to the emergency, before resuming the game, which stopped for about half an hour and ended with a clean four victory for Barcelona.

Cadiz goalkeeper Gerimaias Ledesma Konan was seen running across the field with a pacemaker from his medical device, and thrown into the crowd in an attempt to save the fan.

Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez spoke of the disturbing scene as he believed the fan with an urgent health problem fell in the stands and was later taken to hospital.

The match ended with a comfortable victory for the visitors, but Xavi confirmed his focus was on the fan’s fitness.

“It was a big event. We were told he had fallen and others claimed it was a heart attack,” the Barcelona legend said in comments from El Mundo Deportivo newspaper.

Xavi continued: “If something bad had happened, we would have stopped the game, but luckily he came back to life and decided to resume the game. We are talking about a person whose health is more important than football, and luckily he is awake and we hope he can recover.”

Details on the fan’s condition have not yet been released, but Spanish press reports indicated that he is improving.

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