8 Best Dreamcast Games Of All Time

The Sega Dreamcast was the last console in the company’s history, but they went out with a bang and produced a fantastic lineup of games.

The Dreamcast has an unfortunate place in history as Sega’s last console, leaving the hardware market forever and ending an era in gaming history. This would mean there isn’t much to shout about the Dreamcast, which is why it was discontinued, and it’s half true.

It’s far from the most amazing console lineup ever, but you can still find tons of brilliant games from across the spectrum. There are RPGs, platformers, fighting games and much more with franchises that live to this day even if their original home no longer does. We’ve handpicked the very best Dreamcast games for you to replay.

Resident Evil Code: Veronica

This game made history for the series as it was the first to abandon static cameras and 2D backgrounds. Fully realized 3D gameplay brought a whole new aspect to the action/horror style of the game and made for one of the most beloved titles in the series.

Shen Mue

For better or for worse, Shenmue is a series whose reputation is more prominent than any of the actual games. It’s not the easiest game to get back to with a modern attitude, but it’s still commendable for putting down a slower, more story-focused gameplay style that no one else would try for years.

Skies of Arcadia

A classic JRPG that will keep you hooked from the start, this sky pirate adventure is as epic as it is heartwarming. It may never have reached its full potential as a long-running series, but if you like series like Persona or Tales then this may be a forgotten gem that you’ll be happy with.

Fantasy Star Online

Online gaming was largely limited to the PC before the Dreamcast came out, so a few franchises tried to make MMOs with this console. Not many succeeded, but one of the few that did was Phantasy Star Online. In many ways, it laid the foundation for modern MMOs and set the standard for generations to come.

Sonic Adventure 2

The original Sonic Adventure is great, but pretty much unplayable these days. However, the sequel has aged a lot better and is arguably still Sonic’s best 3D platformer ever. Sonic Team focused on more refined linear levels accompanied by a rocking soundtrack from the early 2000s.

Jetset radio

While it would never compete with the Tony Hawk games, Jet Set Radio is a nice alternative if you’re looking for something the same but a little different. The world is a little brighter, the skate mechanics are a little different, and spraying graffiti everywhere is a little more exciting than collecting floating letters.

Crazy Taxi 2

Game history is full of failed sequels to arcade classics, but don’t be so quick to write Crazy Taxi 2 off with that crowd. It captures exactly what was fun about the original while adding even more chaotic features like jumping in the car, smoother ride, and more of that late 90s/early 2000s punk rock where you dye your hair black and your lip all over. pricks again.


Weapon-based fighting games were something new when Soulcalibur first launched, but it proved that these kinds of unbalanced fighters can be just as good as regular fighting games. The series has since become incredibly successful with great cameo appearances such as Link, Ezio Auditore and Geralt of Rivia.

Written by GLHF.

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