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Pregnant women often resort to cesarean section without an urgent medical need, but only for fear of pain in childbirth, and this condition has become the most common around the world, and natural childbirth has become an exception.

The World Health Organization expects the number of cesarean deliveries around the world to rapidly increase threefold in 3 decades, threatening the lives of millions of women and children.

The fear of pain in childbirth can be overcome by using a number of methods and tools that help to give birth naturally and with as little pain as possible, in order to maintain the health of mother and child.

What is a natural birth?

It is a birth without any medication, where the woman goes through the process of labor and delivery without taking any medical incentives or painkillers.

According to Webmd, techniques such as relaxation and breathing control are used in the natural birth process to reduce pain, and in some cases, the doctor uses a few medical interventions to make room for the fetus to exit during labor.

Why a natural childbirth?

Data from the World Health Organization points to an increase in the number of cesarean deliveries worldwide, with an expectation of these rates to increase by 2023, a warning against resorting to this type of delivery without medical necessity.

Despite the increase in the number of cesarean sections, some women still prefer a natural birth to avoid the potential risks of medical interventions. Specialists emphasize that natural delivery is beneficial for both mother and baby, and they recommend avoiding caesarean section unless there is an urgent medical need.

Some women prefer natural childbirth to avoid potential risks of medical interventions (Getty Images)

The Apollo Cradle Maternity and Child Medical Foundation lists a number of reasons why natural childbirth is the way to go in natural cases, including:

  • reduce risk

Avoid surgery or medications to avoid exposing mother and baby to risks associated with childbirth. Medicines used in an abnormal birth can slow the growth of the baby in the first month.

  • Unnecessary disruptions

Injections into the mother’s spine, at birth, or other drugs can cause neurological disorders in the baby.

  • Easy breastfeeding

A cesarean section is a major surgery that takes weeks to heal, and this can be tiring for the mother, while natural birth helps breastfeeding as it can recover more quickly from the birth process.

Diet while breastfeeding can cause a woman to become malnourished due to a lack of important nutrients, which negatively affects the health of both the mother and her baby.  (Publishing is free for dpa customers. The image may only be used with the above text and provided the source is acknowledged.) Lens: dpa Images: dpa
Natural childbirth helps to breastfeed easily as the recovery of the birth process is faster (German)
  • Protective bacteria

There is a kind of protective bacteria that increases the immunity of the fetus at birth and it receives it through the natural routes of administration. Babies born by cesarean section do not benefit from this feature and it can affect their immunity.

  • Reducing respiratory problems

The passage of children through the birth canal with natural birth helps to expel the amniotic fluid, in which the fetus swims in the womb during pregnancy, from the lungs, which reduces the risk of breathing problems, and the hormonal changes that occur during childbirth help with the correct development of the lungs of the child, in contrast to what happens by cesarean section.

  • Promotes baby’s brain development

Natural childbirth helps increase the production of proteins that aid in the development of the child’s brain and stimulate its functions, while a cesarean section prevents the body from secreting these proteins and depriving the child of them.


The mother can talk to her doctor about creating a natural birth plan, outlining what she would like to happen before, during, and after delivery.

To overcome strong contractions and facilitate a natural delivery, there are natural aids, according to Norton Healthcare, including:

  • Birth in the water

Where the mother is immersed in a bowl of warm water during the birth process, she gives birth and receives her child in the water.

This method is a good way to relieve pain during a natural delivery, as warm water helps to relax and distributes the pressure evenly over the areas of the body, relieving pain and fatigue during labour.

  • Use a rubber ball

It is a large rubber ball like the one used for exercise. The pregnant woman can find comfort in standing, jumping, rocking, or even lying on it during the delivery process to relieve his severe pain.

It is summed up in hanging a metal column at the bedside to help the woman assume a squatting position and facilitate the birthing process, and can be hung with fabrics that the woman holds and presses on to establish the correct position for her. to take during labor and relieve her pressure.

  • chair birth

Using a birthing chair helps determine position during labor and provides balance and support. It helps to adopt comfortable positions during labour, including squatting and kneeling.

The chair has been used in childbirth for thousands of years and ancient archaeological inscriptions documented its presence in Egypt and the Babylonian and Greek civilizations.

It is a chair whose arms have hand rests for the mother to press on, with an opening underneath.

According to Webmd, most cultures used upright delivery positions such as sitting, standing or squatting, and birthing chairs and chairs supported the labor process in an upright position, before doctors resorted to the bed.

And in recent years, the use of maternity chairs is back, some in the same old shape, and some are just chairs without long legs and no backs, and they have a hole in the middle, to make it easier for women to find the right posture for them. to be taken during the birth process with as little pain as possible.

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