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A Disney employee, a cop, a prison guard and two teachers were among those arrested

The Polk County Sheriff’s Office and other authorities in the US state of Florida have arrested 160 people in a week-long people-smuggling operation called Fall Haul 2, County Sheriff Grady Judd announced at a news conference Friday.

The suspects included a Disney employee, several school teachers, a deputy police chief, a corrections officer and 26 married men. Some 86 reportedly sold sex while 65 tried to buy it, and together they had a criminal record of as many as 419 offenses and 619 misdemeanors. Only 16 of them were actually from Polk County, most were from another part of Florida, and 15 were from out of state.

Deputy Police Chief Jason DiPrima of Cartersville, Georgia and arguably the most prominent catch of the Fall Haul was arrested last Thursday after responding to an online ad from an undercover detective. DiPrima escaped a polygraph training workshop in an undercover Drug Enforcement Agency cruiser and handed $180 and a pack of White Claw Hard Seltzer to the fake whore before the agents handcuffed them. He had resigned from his post by the time Judd shared the details of his demise with reporters.

Cameron Burke, a recently fired computer technician at an Orange County high school, was found out on bail after he was accused of having sex with a 15-year-old student at the school, a detail he shared with police when she was arrested. arrested him again. Math teacher Carlos Gonzalez tried to get rid of getting caught with two prostitutes by claiming he just planned to give them money and skip the sex, while gym teacher John Layton claimed he had to be on track practice in the morning and so couldn’t be arrested too long for trying to pay an undercover cop for a sexual act.

Disney employee caught child sex predator sting

Guillermo Perez, the Disney employee, worked as a bellhop at the park and was arrested after paying $80 to an undercover detective for sex. Lake Correctional Institution officer Keith Nieves was similarly arrested after attempting to have sex with a cop in disguise.

The Sheriff’s Office revealed that in the course of the investigation, it had found two trafficking victims, plus five potential victims, suggesting there were more among the mob who were reluctant to come forward. A person arrested in Florida for prostitution can have his arrest expunged if he portrays himself as a victim of human trafficking.

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