10 unpopular opinions about the games, according to Reddit

With extensions for Resident Evil: Village along the way, gamers can rest assured that the extremely popular horror franchise will always provide the spooky action they love. In fact, over the past quarter of a century, the Resident Evil series is one of the most consistent forces in the video game market.

While the games are immensely popular, that hasn’t stopped some gamers from attacking certain aspects of the series. Users on Reddit took to the site to voice their grievances about the games and some of their most unpopular opinions about the long-running horror franchise.


Resident Evil is badly written

Barry Burton and Jill Valentine in Resident Evil

Although the games started out a bit simplistic, Resident Evil Franchise has become more and more complex over time. User GimmeThatGoose saw his stories as a huge weakness when they wrote “Resident Evil doesn’t have a good writing style… trying to tell an ’emotional’ story just doesn’t work for me with the quality they can achieve”.

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While it may be true that the REGARDING franchise would never win Oscars for its scripts, the games still have a certain proficient storytelling ability in their own right. There’s a reason the characters have become so popular outside of the games, and there’s certainly something to be said for a game that can scare the player so effectively.

Village was disappointing

Tiny Little Ethan Compared To Lady Dimitrescu Resident Evil Village

Seemingly taking the franchise in a different direction, Village promised many new things for die-hard fans to enjoy. However, user Elden2042 got more yawns than screams from the latest game, saying “RE 8 was good, but at the same time extremely disappointing for the scale the game seemed to have at one point… Capcom made RE 8 less scary”.

Although the traditional Resident Evil horror was toned down somewhat, many fans were still impressed with the game and the interesting direction the story took. Village was also praised for its many great characters and its strong sense of storytelling. While it was hardly a perfect game, it was equally well received by critics and fans alike.

Resident Evil 4 was not an anomaly

While fans are divided, there’s no denying that the entire Resident Evil franchise shifted with the fourth game in the series. However, user cracudocarioca seemed to take a different route, explaining “Resident Evil 4 was not such a big deviation from the progression that the REGARDING series went in before it. RE 2 had more action and was more linear than RE 1 and the same goes for RE 3 as compared to RE 2

Although it might be possible to see RE 4 As the natural progression of the series, many fans were shocked at how action-oriented the game was. The game didn’t shy away from any non-linear plot and was such a drastic leap that gamers were perplexed. Change is necessary to keep a franchise alive, but such drastic changes left most players cold.

Resident Evil 7 lacks character

Resident Evil 7 Final Boss Battle

The Resident Evil games are known for their scariest moments, but they are also known for delivering a large number of memorable characters who have stayed with the franchise. User AshenRathien thought: Resident Evil 7 suffered because of his characters, saying “RE 7 is the worst REGARDING game to date by virtue of having none of those iconic characters”.

Resident Evil 7 introduced a new cast, and was clearly intended as a refocus of the series. Despite this, some fans regretted that their favorite characters were abandoned in favor of new ones. Although characters are important, Resident Evil has always been about gameplay first and foremost, and RE 7 certainly delivered in that department.

Change of perspective

Resident Evil 2 gameplay on PS1

From a locked third-person perspective to a more traditional first-person view, the Resident Evil games have followed the natural trends in gaming. One deleted user specifically took offense at that detail when he claimed “If Resident Evil games stayed as first person, it would kill the whole series”.

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Fans were divided when the REGARDING games have switched to an FPS format with Resident Evil 7but with the release of Village, clearly it won’t go away anytime soon. Given how well the eighth game was received, it’s highly unlikely that developers will go back to the third person unless the series changes drastically again.

Code Veronica In Theory Not Practice

Resident Evil Code Veronica

Comes first Resident Evil game released on a console other than the Playstation, Code: Veronica was an ambitious attempt at a new direction for the franchise. Despite its hallowed reputation, user ZubatCountry had different ideas about the game, writing, “I feel like people are sharing the ideas and concept of resume more than the actual game”.

Through modern eyes, Code: Veronica suffers from many of the pitfalls that games encounter when entering new territory. Regardless, the gameplay was still captivating enough to please the average gamer, and it was much loved for its technical achievements and dynamic camera. The biggest challenge, however, was that it was one of the best games on the Dreamcast, a system that was doomed to fail.

Stuck on the camera angle

One thing that often catches the eye of modern gamers revisiting the classic REGARDING games, is their infamous fixed camera angle. However, user CanuckNation83 praised the camera when they said “The fixed camera angles for the original games were a great idea at the time”.

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While they gave the games a more cinematic feel, they were also incredibly disorienting and not in a good way. Given the advancements made in many FPS-style games in the 90s, it was strange to see such a limited game on the much more powerful Playstation system.

More yawning than screaming

Close-up of Nemesis in the movie for Resident Evil 3 Nemesis

Horror is subjective, but there’s definitely a reason Resident Evil is considered one of the scariest games of the 90s. Even with this terrifying reputation, user Temporary_Career saw things differently when they said, “The games aren’t scary, with a few exceptions. They’re campy, stupid, cheesy, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

While it is true that horror fades over time, Resident Evil series has never stopped coming up with new ways to scare their fans. The history of gaming in general may be filled with scarier games, but few franchises have delivered as much consistent terror as the REGARDING series.

Resident Evil 6 is a great game

Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper Stand in Darkness Together

Code: Veronica broke the mold with his dynamic camera, and Resident Evil 4 pumped up the action, but many fans feel that Resident Evil 6‘s changes were for the worse. User TMS21 came out in defense of the divisive game, saying: “Resident Evil 6 is a great game. There have always been action elements in Resident Evil spell. Stop pretending they never existed.”

While that statement about action may be true, one of the things the REGARDING franchise was that the action was somewhat realistic. The problem of many gamers with RE 6 is that the action grew to almost cartoonish proportions. Survival horror is supposed to make the gamer feel like he’s stuck in the situation too, and the characters’ superhero-esque actions were too over the top for most to bear.

Overrated remake

resident evil 2002 crimson head

If the original Resident Evil game has an important place in gaming history, the remake has an almost greater reputation among fans of the series. User dmjr333 went against the grain when they said “RE 1 remake is vastly overrated, probably because most people don’t know the sheer number of differences from the original”.

Not only was the remake a technical improvement over its predecessor, but it also aimed to flesh out the story and use the technology to tell a bigger story. Many gamers first encountered the franchise through the remake, and that also contributes to its popularity. As with any remake, the game had to make changes to justify its existence, and it delivered in many ways.

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